The Parish Council has discussed speeding within the parish on a number of occassions and at the June meeting it is scheduled again – both in terms of considering a task and finish group to look at strategies to tackle speeding and also by way of a speaker from a nearby parish, who will outline to councillors the strategies that they have implemented and how successful they have been.

Please vote in our survey on the home page of the website as to whether you think speeding is an issue. Any information or comments can be sent to the clerk who will outline them for councillors at the next meeting.

2 thoughts on “Speeding”

  1. 20th May 2019
    For anybody who walks along the Bosbury Road this must be an issue. If you have to cross the road then hope there isn’t a vehicle passing through! I have witnessed many vehicles clearly exceeding the speed limit pass by,and particularly worrying is,as they approach the area by the surgery anybody could be crossing to the Legion car park. There is no doubt in my mind that speed reduction must be achieved by some method. If this has been discussed before then action is long overdue.

    • Dear Julie,

      Thank you for your comments, I can confirm that others have also mentioned the Bosbury Road. At the June parish council meeting there will be a focus on road safety – the meeting will be the 11th June at 7pm.

      Kind Regards
      Kate Joiner
      CSPC Clerk

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