Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 27th July 2018

Minutes of EO Meeting of Cradley Parish Council held on Friday 27th July 2018
Cradley Village Hall – 1830 Hrs

1. Present :
Councillors Ann Carver, Alan Eldridge, Geoff Fielding (Chair + Minutes-taker), Diane Merker, David Roys, Sarah Thomas, Anne Scarsbrook

In attendance: 1 member of the public

2. Apologies for approved absence: Cllrs. G Edgar, C Jones, J Goodwin, W Harries, J Aldridge, and S Davies.

3. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation: None

4. To approve payment to Harrison Clerk Rickerby [ Solicitors ] , in full and final settlement of legal dispute in the sum of £1500 .

4.1 Chairman gave an update regarding the sequence of events leading to a full and final settlement of the dispute between CPC and Mr T. Robshaw in accordance with council resolution made at the council’s July meeting [ July 10th 2018 ] . A solicitor’s letter was read out, detailing the agreed settlement.
4.2 A motion was put to make the payment in accordance with council’s wishes and was approved unanimously .

5.0 Next Ordinary Meeting of CPC is on 14th Aug 2018 CVH . 1900hrs

G Fielding [ Chairman ]

The meeting closed at 1855 Hrs