Minutes 20th March 2018

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 7.00 pm in Storridge Village Hall


Councillors Bruce Herriot (Chairman), Ann Carver, Alan Eldridge, Geoffrey Fielding, Janita Goodwin, Wynne Harries, Clare Jones, Miles Meager, Diane Merker, David Roys, Anne Scarsbrook, Sarah Thomas.

In attendance

Tony Ford – (HALC)

Members of the public – 6.

1. Clerk cover for the meeting

1.1 It was RESOLVED to appoint Tony Ford (HALC) as acting clerk cover for the meeting at a cost of £150 + mileage.

2. Apologies for absence were received from:

2.1 Cllr Judith Aldridge.

2.2 Cllr Simon Davies

2.3 Giselle Edgar.

3. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensations: There were none.

4. Statement concerning Church Clock

4.1 Cllr Harries read a statement and the Chairman apologised for a previous misunderstanding of the situation, acknowledging that the previous comments were incorrect.

5. Temporary allocation of responsibilities following resignation of clerk

5.1 Following discussion it was RESOLVED to access HALC’s meeting cover services at a cost of £150 + mileage per meeting, until a new clerk was appointed.

It was further RESOLVED:

5.2 Communication:

5.2.1 The Chairman and Cllr Harries would monitor the clerk’s email address by accessing it twice a week.

5.2.2 Updating of the website and would be undertaken by the Chairman and Cllr Harries with the assistance of the website provider, Mark Millmore. Facebook would not be used until a new Clerk is appointed, and postings on the website will be restricted to essential items only.

5.2.3 Current arrangements would be highlighted on the website, noticeboards and newsletter, if possible.

5.3 Finance:

5.3.1 Correspondence, invoice and cheques would be managed by the Chairman.

5.3.2 End of year accounts will be prepared by the Chairman.

5.4 Agenda:

5.4.1 The Chairman would email people responsible for noticeboards.

5.5 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

5.5.1 The Chairman asked for volunteers to consider the NALC toolkit and report back to the next meeting. It was noted that HALC was running training sessions on the topic.

6. Process for appointing a new clerk

6.1Following detailed discussion on whether to access the HALC recruitment service at a fee of £200 or recruit in-house, it was RESOLVED to set up a task and finish group consisting of the following councillors to develop an in-house process identifying cost and risks: Cllrs: Fielding, Roys and Merker.

7. Working Groups

7.1 Task and Finish Working Group to create a Cradley Parish Council ‘Action Plan’:

7.1.1 It was RESOLVED to set up Group of the following four members, led by Cllr

Scarsbrook, to create a parish council ‘Action Plan’: Cllrs: Scarsbrook, Goodwin,

Harries and Jones.

7.2 Task and Finish Working Group to finalise changes to Standing Orders and Terms of Reference for Working Groups:

7.2.1 It was RESOLVED to set up a Group of the following three members to consider the above, with the final draft document being checked by HALC to ensure legal compliance: Cllrs: Meager, Merker and Thomas.

7.3 Update on tendering process for Lengthsman contract 2018/19:

7.3.1 Cllr Meager highlighted necessary requirements as:

i) Template from Annual Maintenance Plan … it was noted that the Plan had been submitted but could be subject to changes following this tender process.

ii) Specification.

iii) Invitation to tender.

iv) Conditions of contract.

v) Worksheets.

vi) Work planning sheets.

vii) Letter of appointment.

viii) Advertising – possibly in the Malvern Gazette.

ix) PC decision whether to undertake enhanced work e.g. potholes.

8. Highways

8.1 Roadworks on A4103:

8.1.1 Communication had been poor on the recent works and efforts needed to be made to give local residents as much timely information as possible through the parish council website.

8.2 Issues of speeding through the village:

8.2.1 It was RESOLVED that Cllr Fielding would produce a report on the continuing problem for a future meeting.

8.3 Concerns about school parking and the junction at Buryfields:

8.3.1 Various options were discussed, including:

i) White stones along the verge – these would require Balfour Beatty permission.

ii) Planting of trees.

iii) PC to ask school to put up notices.

It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to the Head-teacher highlighting the PC concerns. Cllr Fielding would raise the issue with the Locality Steward.

8.4 Speed reduction survey on B4220 south of Cradley:

8.4.1 It was noted that the Lengthsman normally cut back vegetation for the benefit of pedestrians. It was RESOLVED that Cllr Fielding would report back on possible ways forward.

9. Village Hall Reports

9.1 Storridge Village Hall

9.1.1 The website was to be updated to take online bookings.

9.1.2 Broadband was to be installed.

9.1.3 The AGM was that evening.

9.1.4 The Chairman commented that future grants to the hall would be in line with the proposed new grants policy.

10. Name change from Cradley PC to Cradley and Storridge PC & associated costs 10.1 The Chairman had received correspondence from the Governance Team at

Herefordshire Council:

10.1.1 A name change was possible under Section 75 of the Local Government Act 1972.

10.1.2 The level of consultation required was subject to further clarification. The Chairman will feedback at the next meeting.

11. Communications Strategy

11.1 Action required re new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

11.1.1 The Acting Clerk outlined the requirements and commented that HALC was

running a training course on 11th April. It was RESOLVED that two councillors would attend, using the two free places offered for prompt subscription payment.

12. Bespoke Training by HALC @ £150 + mileage

12.1 It was RESOLVED to access a bespoke ‘In House’ training session from HALC on Thursday 12th April.

13. Key items for CMS Newsletter

13.1 It was RESOLVED to defer the item until the next meeting.

14. Items for future agendas

14.1 Parish picnic.
14.2 Cradley bi-annual Summer Fair.

14.3 Cradley Community Awards.

14.4 Defibrillator for Storridge together with an annual policy.

14.5 Date of Annual Parish Meeting … It was noted that the meeting was required to be held by the end of May. The Chairman would circulate possible dates and format, including the presentation of an award to a long-serving ex councillor.

15. Date of next meeting … Tuesday 10th April

A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the following confidential items

16. Confidential

16.1 Matters relating to a previous ex clerk (not the latest resignation).

16.1 The Chairman gave an update and it was noted that a Hearing was scheduled for 1st, 2nd and 3rd May.

16.2 The Chairman gave an update on the matter which was in the hands of the parish council’s solicitors and insurers.

The Chairman closed he meeting at 9.05 pm