Minutes 12th September 2017

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 12th September 2017 at 7.30 pm in Cradley Village Hall


Councillors: Geoffrey Fielding (Chairman), Fred Beard, Ann Carver, Alan Eldridge, Wynne Harries, Bruce Herriot, Tanya Lloyd-Jones, Anne Scarsbrook, Derek Scully, Geoff Thomas In attendance … Lynda Wilcox – Clerk Cover from HALC.

The Chairman reported that the Clerk had found it necessary to retire between meetings It was therefore agreed that HALC’s clerk cover services would be accessed

1. Apologies for absence were received from Cheryl Lambert and Simon Davies

2. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation

2.1 Wynne Harries declared a non-disclosable pecuniary interest in item 5.1. and signed the book accordingly.

3. Minutes of previous meeting … 8th August 2017

It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record and they were signed by the chairman.

4. Open Session

4.1 Ward Councillor, Patricia Morgan, was not present and it was noted that she was relinquishing her duties and a new Ward Councillor would be taking over in due course.

4.2 There were no local residents present to discuss parish matters.

5. Planning

Parish Councillors RESOLVED to make the following comments on planning applications for determination by Herefordshire Council:

5.1 Application P172446/RM … Land to the rear of Butterfields, Bosbury Road,

Cradley. Reserved Matters application for one dwelling. PC comments:

5.1.1 Cradley Parish Council has been informed that the applicant’s architect holds a licence for the discharge of clear water into the neighbouring brook but confirmation should be sought prior to planning permission being granted.

5.1.2 In line with Cradley NDP Policies 5 and 9, it is proposed that there should be screening in the vicinity of the proposed new fence, so as to mitigate the impact of the new dwelling from the surrounding countryside.

5.2 Application P173041/K … 7 Kings Orchard, Cradley. Proposed works to 1 x

Fir. Fell dying tree (shows no sign of regeneration and has bare branches). 2 x Birch. Reduce height by 1/3 and remove selected lower branches to maintain a balanced appearance. PC comment:

5.2.1 Cradley Parish Council has no objection to this application.

5.3 Application P173257/K … Pilgrims, Cradley. Fell Sycamore and Hawthorne, raise crown on Maple and reduce lower branches on Acacia. PC comments:

5.3.1 Cradley Parish Council sees no reason to fell the apparently healthy Sycamore tree which has a spectacular canopy and adds value to the Conservation Area. Felling of the tree would have an adverse impact on the character of the Conservation Area.

5.4 Application P172849/F … Wells Farm, Tanhouse Lane, Cradley. Change of use of agricultural barn to production and storage of cider (retrospective). PC comments:

5.4.1 Cradley Parish Council does not object to the application but it is noted that the agricultural barn in question was supposed to have been demolished in accordance with permission given for a previous application on this site. As there is another building in the area, it is questioned why that building is not the subject of the application rather than the one that is subject to demolition.

5.4.2 There is no mention of storage proposals or the mechanism for disposal of waste product.

5.5 Application P173151/L … Columbine Cottage, Storridge. Proposed demolition of garage. PC comments:

5.5.1 Cradley Parish Council notes that planning permission is not required but supports the application.

6. Matters for consideration

6.1 It was RESOLVED to send in a request to reduce the current 15 councillors to twelve.

6.2 Recruitment of new Clerk … The item would be discussed at item 13, below.

6.3 New website … A brief had been sent out and quotations were awaited. The Risk Working Group would be making a recommendation to the next parish council meeting.

6.4 Protocol for contributors to Cradley PC media … It was RESOLVED to amend the third bullet point to read: “All editing and publishing decisions must be taken by the Clerk” and to amend the third line from the bottom to read “Approved by the Clerk”.

7. Finance … It was RESOLVED to make the following payments:

7.1 PAYE for August … £86.40.

7.2 Payroll for August … £384.11.

7.3 Storridge Village Hall hire … £42.00.

7.4 Annual playground inspection for two recreation fields – Fran White … £113.20.

7.5 Donation to Storridge Village Hall … £1056.68.

7.6 Pricepoint Ltd – Grass-cuts for April/May … £1110.00.

7.7 Pricepoint Ltd – Grass-cuts for June/July … £888.00.

7.8 Speedy Asset Services Ltd – plant hire … £50.00.

7.9 Lengthsman – J. Phillips – for August … £342.00.

8. Reports from Working Groups & Appointed Officers

8.1 Planning … Reporting back included in item 5 above.

8.2 Employment … No items to report.

8.3 Emergency Planning … There was a meeting that week about an emergency centre and a day’s training was being arranged at Storridge – date yet to be fixed.

8.4 Small Donations … An item was raised for the next agenda: The planting of a tree by the resident of Crumpton Hall at a cost of £71.94.

8.5 Recreation … Maintenance was required on paths, hedges and fencing and some trees were becoming an issue. Moles had also returned and the chairman had contacted Clifford Howard. Safety surveys on both fields had raised a number of issues which would be discussed at the next Working Group meeting to be held in the near future.
8.6 Risk Management … A six monthly audit would be undertaken at the end of the

month. The defibrillator had been checked on a monthly basis by Dr Herriot and

was OK. The next meeting would be held at Cradley Village Hall on 2nd October at 2.00 pm.

8.7 Finance … A new spread-sheet, which the new clerk could take over, was being prepared for the October meeting.

8.8 Graveyards … No matters to discuss.

8.9 Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) … The Cradley NDP was ‘made’ on 21st August. The Steering Group was preparing a financial report and was likely to be wound up at the November meeting.

8.10 Lengthsman/P3 … Members noted the Lengthsman’s August report which was on the website.

8.11 Representative on Cradley Village Hall Committee … Nothing to discuss.

8.12 Representative on Storridge Village Hall Committee … Nothing to discuss.

8.13 Representative on HALC/Ledbury Forum … Nothing to discuss.

8.14 Parish Highways Officer … The Chairman gave a detailed account of proposed road-works involving road closures along a 12 mile stretch of the Hereford to Worcester road from 15th September to 15th November 2017. Full details would be put on the website for the benefit of local residents.

9. Correspondence: Members considered the Correspondence/Information Sheet.

9.1 It was RESOLVED that the Chairman, Alan Eldridge and Derek Scully would attend

the Herefordshire Council Seminar on the Code of Conduct and Safeguarding on 28th September.

10. Key items for the next newsletter would be compiled by Wynne Harries.

11. Next Meeting … 10th October 2017 at Storridge Village Hall.

11.1 Following discussion it was RESOLVED to start future meetings at 7.00 pm rather than 7.30 pm.

12. Resolution to exclude the public

12.1 Due to the confidential nature of the following employment item a resolution was passed to exclude the public.

13. Recruitment of new Clerk/RFO (Responsible Financial Officer)

13.1 The Chairman gave a brief update and members RESOLVED to access HALC’s recruitment service to seek a new Clerk/RFO at a cost of £200.

The chairman closed the meeting at 10.00 pm