Minutes 12th June 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 12th June 2018 at 7pm in Cradley Village Hall

Present: Councillors Judith Aldridge, Ann Carver, Alan Eldridge, Geoff Fielding, Janita Goodwin, Wynne Harries (Vice-Chair), Clare Jones, Miles Meager, Diane Merker (minute taker), David Roys, Sarah Thomas.

In attendance: 15 local residents and the Ward Councillor Ellie Chowns

As the ex-Chair had resigned, Councillor Wynne Harries commenced the meeting with a statement thanking Bruce Herriot for his considerable hard work and commitment during his period in office and informed councillors how the meeting would be run.

1. Election of Chair

1.1. Two councillors were proposed: Geoff Fielding and Miles Meager. A vote was taken and it was RESOLVED to elect Geoff Fielding as Chair.
1.2. Councillor Fielding completed his declaration of acceptance of office form.

The new Chair gave a statement thanking Wynne Harries for stepping up to Chair during this unprecedented period.

2. Apologies for absence

2.1 The resignation of Bruce Herriot from the Council was noted and a casual vacancy was declared.
2.2. Giselle Edgar and Anne Scarsbrook (holiday) and Simon Davies (dispensation of leave of absence due to bereavement).

3. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation

David Roys – Cradley Village Hall and item 8.2.3 and 8.2.4 (pecuniary)
Miles Meager – item 8.2.5 (pecuniary)

4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 11th May 2018

4.1. It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes subject to the following amendments:
4.1.1 Ann Carver and Janita Goodwin had given apologies.
4.1.2. Judith Aldridge was present.
4.1.3. Item 3. Declarations of interest were made by Sarah Thomas (non pecuniary) and Diane Merker (pecuniary) re: planning applications P180573 and P181003.
4.1.4. Item 7.11 of Minutes of 10th April had not been corrected.
4.1.5 Item 8.2 should read Employment Group Geoff Fielding not Alan Eldridge.
4.1.6. Item 8.3 should read Planning WG Reserve Alan Eldridge, and Geoff Fielding is not on the group.
4.1.7 Item 8.5 NDP Group should include Sarah Thomas.
4.1.8. Item 10.4 delete “the track”.
4.1.9. Item 6.2 to include Ivan Smart “thanked the Parish Council for its hard work over the past year”. (3 abstentions, 1 against).
4.1.10. Item 10.1.1. Should include at a rate of £20.00 per hour. It should also include: Geoff Fielding spent several thousands of pounds of his own money during the 3 to 4 years he was involved with running the lengthsman scheme. It should also be noted that our standing orders were not adhered to No. 18 section d, ii, iv and v.

5. Open session

The meeting was now opened to the public.

Ward Councillor’s Report

5.1. Cllr. Ellie Chowns gave an update on road safety and informed Council that she had been in contact with the West Midlands Police Road Safety Team in connection with speeding on the Bosbury Road.
With regard to Butcher’s Lane (the one-way system by Pixiefields), she noted that this was not working, and she has written to Balfour Beatty with a view to blocking it off to motorists. At Ridgeway Cross she asked if the Parish Council could keep formal records of near misses; at Stoney Cross, speed detection may be put in place, and a possible reduction of speed limit between Red Lion and Stoney Cross could be considered.

There had been constitutional changes at Herefordshire Council which included changes to the code of conduct and declarations of interest.

Her next surgery would be held at Storridge Village Hall on Monday 2nd July from 10am until 12pm.

All details would be published in the CMS newsletter next month.

Representations from the Public

5.2. Concerns were raised by residents with regard to Mirrorbrook building site. It was a mess and the bund which had been turned down at planning still had not been removed. The owners were applying to build houses regularly but nothing appeared to be happening and could the Cradley Neighbourhood Development Plan now be taken into account please.

One resident urged the Parish Council to keep the land known as Crumpton Hill Village Green.

Another offered information with regard to emptying dog bins. At Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council, Balfour Beatty empty the dog poo bins at a cost of £183.83 per annum.

The meeting was now closed to public participation.

6. Planning Matters

6.1. It was RESOLVED to make the following comments on planning applications for determination by Herefordshire Council:

6.1.1. 182038 – Plot 5, Mirrorbrook, Mirrorbrook Small Holding, Stoney Cross – proposed new dwelling.

PC comment: Planners would be urged to double-check traffic flows on the B4220 as there are safety concerns, especially with the increase in the level of traffic after the proposed rise in future housing development feeding on to Bosbury Road.

Cradley’s NDP Policy CNDP 2: Housing Provision, states: Proposals for housing development adjacent to the settlement boundaries defined on the Cradley Village Policies Map which makes a positive contribution to their landscape setting will be supported in areas that are defined on figure 6 as having a moderate, high or very high capacity to accommodate development.

In Cradley’s NDP Landscape Capacity Assessment, this field (numbered 45) was deemed to have low to very low capacity to accommodate development. We acknowledge that the granting of permission for four houses in 2016 will increase the landscape capacity – perhaps to ‘low’ but not as far as ‘moderate to low’ and definitely not as far as to ‘moderate’. Therefore this application is directly opposed to our ‘MADE’ NDP.

6.1.2. 181759 – land at Grittlesend – proposed erection of stables (change of use) and hay/barn/feed shelter and retrospective planning approval for existing track.

Deferred – Sarah Thomas, Janita Goodwin and Ann Carver to visit.

6.1.3. 181666 – Acton Mill Care Farm, Barrow Lane, Suckley – proposed conversion of agricultural building into new supported living accommodation.

PC comment : supported.

6.1.4. Little Halesend, Storridge – non-material amendment N121493/FH (proposed summerhouse) – increase internal depth by 550mm.

PC comment: no objections

6.2. The following planning approvals given by Herefordshire Council were noted:

6.2.1. 180565 – Chockbury Cottage, Cradley (listed building) – two storey rear extension for garage, home office, bathroom and ensuite bedroom above.
6.2.2. 180708 – Seedwood Cottage, Tanhouse Lane (listed building) – demolition of existing utility, replacement with new utility and internal amendments.
6.2.3. 180048 – Braeside, Cradley – inward opening personal gate.
6.2.4. 180793 – The Stables, Finchers’s Corner, Cradley – change of use from B1 to combined B1, B2 and B8 use.
6.2.5. 181245 – The Lodge, Storridge – conservatory ground floor extension.

7. To consider the role of Acting Clerk in the light of the resignation of the previous chairman who was acting in that role.

7.1. It was agreed that Wynne Harries and Geoff Fielding will jointly run the day to day business and accounting of the Parish Council work until a clerk/proper officer/responsible financial officer is appointed. Council affairs will be limited to essential services.

All in favour.

(item 7.2 no longer required)

8. Finance

8.1. The finance working group report had been circulated previously and Alan Eldridge read it aloud to everyone. It was noted that Council needs to improve the monitoring of our budgets and the finance working group need to meet more frequently. Diane Merker wished to raise the point on church donations and this was deferred to a future meeting.

8.2. It was RESOLVED to approve the following invoices for payment (8.2.7 only to be paid when the matching donations have been cleared in the Parish Council bank account).

8.2.1. Storridge Village Hall …….£21.00
8.2.2. Pricepoint gardening (Mar/Apr) ……£381.10
8.2.3. Reed recruiter …..£79.00
8.2.4. News quest …..£257.00
8.2.5. Newsquest…….£205.00
8.2.6. Bruce Herriot expenses….£41.40
8.2.7. Community Heartbeat Trust (defibrillator) …..£2,424.00
8.2.8. Kidwells Solicitors ……£930
8.2.9. Pricepoint gardening (May) ……£381.10

These were approved for payment; proposed by Ann Carver and seconded by Judith Aldridge.

9. Audit 17/18

This was deferred to the next meeting.

Wynne Harries handed out a corrected page 3 of the annual internal audit report to all councillors present.

10. Village Infrastructure Working Group

A report had been circulated previously to councillors, and Clare Jones introduced. The group still lacked a co-ordinator, but Clare Jones was filling this role at the moment.

10.1. Immediate tasks for the lengthsman:

After much discussion and subject to final checks with regard to insurance etc., the lengthsman tasks for the next month to include clearing the barbed wire and bins at Buryfields recreation ground. Removing trees, sweeping pavements, mending mats and picnic table. Strimming BMX tracks and adventure mound and cutting hedges in Chapel Lane recreation ground. Cutting grass on Crumpton Hill Village Green in Storridge.

Proposed Clare Jones and seconded by Sarah Thomas. All in favour.

11. To receive update about name change from Cradley Parish Council to Cradley and Storridge Parish Council and consider action.

It was RESOLVED to change the name to Cradley and Storridge Parish Council. Herefordshire Council would be informed of this decision and informed of the public support after consultation in the Parish.

Proposed by Alan Eldridge. All in favour.

12. Information Sheet

Wynne Harries read out the previously circulated information sheet and one item of note was road signs for villages in an AONB. This information was to be circulated to all councillors for perusal.

13. To note key items for CMS newsletter.

Wynne Harries to compile and include election of Chair, road safety, the Parish Council working at essential service only and jobs for the lengthsman.

14. Items for Future Agendas

14.1. Plaque for Fred Beard.
14.2. Cleaning of the war memorial.
14.3. GDPR
14.4. Standing Orders.
14.5. Extra planning members.
14.6. Coordinator for VIWG.
14.7. Highways officer.
14.8. Cradley parish councillors’ involvement with Cradley Enquirer.
14.9. HALC – Council to debate requesting advice in writing.

15. Date of Next Meeting

An Extraordinary Meeting to be held Tuesday 19th June at Storridge Village Hall at 7pm.
Next ordinary meeting: Tuesday 10th July at Cradley Village Hall at 7pm.

A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the following confidential items:

16. Confidential items
16.1. Deferred to Extraordinary Meeting.
16.2. Update on recruitment of new clerk. Thirteen application packs have been sent out and the closing date is 18th June.

The meeting closed at 10.10 p.m.