Members of Cradley Parish Council

Parish Council Chairman:  Bruce Herriot

Vice Chair:  Wynne Harries

Parish Councillors:
Alan Eldridge
Ann Carver
Anne Scarsbrook
Clare Jones
David Roys
Diane Merker
Geoffrey Fielding
Giselle Edgar
Janita Goodwin
Judith Aldridge
Miles Meager
Sarah Thomas
Simon Davies

Parish Clerk:  To be recruited

Ward Councillor:  Eleanor Chowns


Working Groups

Planning:  Cllrs Wynne Harries, Ann Carver and Giselle Edgar

NDP:  Cllrs Anne Scarsbrook, Ann Carver, Geoff Fielding, Clare Jones and Sarah Thomas

Finance:  Cllrs Bruce Herriot, Clare Jones, Anne Scarsbrook and Alan Eldridge

Village Infrastructure:  Cllrs Geoff Fielding, Diane Merker, Simon Davies, Miles Meager, Sarah Thomas, Janita Goodwin and Judith Eldridge

Employment:  Cllrs Bruce Herriot and Miles Meager

Communications Strategy:  Cllrs Wynne Harries, Miles Meager, Anne Scarsbrook, Simon Davies and Geoff Fielding


Parish Council Representatives:

Cradley Village Hall:  Cllr Ann Carver

Storridge Village Hall:  Cllr Sarah Thomas

East Herefordshire Association of Parish Councils:  Cllr Miles Meager

Highways Officer:  Cllr Geoff Fielding

Parish Paths Officer:  Cllr Geoff Fielding

Tree Warden:  Jill Upton


Parish Councillors Register of Interests

All members have to declare any personal or pecuniary interests. If an item is raised in which a member has such an interest then that member has to withdraw from the meeting and not take part in any discussion or vote.

A Register of Interests is maintained by Herefordshire Council and is available on its website.