Members of Cradley Parish Council

Parish Council Chairman:  To be elected at the January 2019 Cradley and Storridge Parish Council meeting

Vice Chair:  Wynne Harries

Parish Councillors:
Ann Carver
Anne Scarsbrook
Clare Jones
David Roys
Derek Scully
Diane Merker
Janita Goodwin
Judith Aldridge
Sarah Thomas
Terry Robshaw

Parish Clerk:  Kate Woods

Ward Councillor:  Eleanor Chowns


Working Groups

Finance: Cllr. Wynne Harries (temporary leader), Cllr. Clare Jones, Cllr. Anne Scarsbrook and Cllr. Terry Robshaw

Employment: Cllr. Wynne Harries, Cllr. Diane Merker, Cllr. David Roys and Cllr. Anne Scarsbrook

Planning: Cllr. Wynne Harries (Leader), Cllr. Derek Scully and Cllr. Sarah Thomas. Cllr. Ann Carver and Cllr. Terry Robshaw are reserves.

Recreation: Cllr. Clare Jones (Leader), Cllr. Judith Aldridge and Cllr. Derek Scully

Churchyards: Cllr. Judith Aldridge (Leader) and Cllr. Diane Merker

Environment: Cllr. Sarah Thomas (Leader), Cllr. Janita Goodwin, Cllr. Diane Merker, Cllr. Anne Scarsbrook and Cllr. Derek Scully. Jeff White and Jill Upton (Co-optees) (Liz Kabani and Rob Prosser as lay members)

Communications: Cllr. Wynne Harries (Leader), Cllr. Terry Robshaw and Cllr. Anne Scarsbrook

NDP Monitoring: Cllr. Anne Scarsbrook (Leader), Cllr. Ann Carver, Cllr. Clare Jones and Cllr. David Roys. Jeff White, Chris Lowder and Tanya Lloyd-Jones (Co-optees)


Parish Council Representatives:

Cradley Village Hall:  Cllr Ann Carver

Storridge Village Hall:  Cllr Sarah Thomas

East Herefordshire Association of Parish Councils:  Cllr Wynne Harries

Lengthsman Co-ordinator: Cllr Diane Merker

Parish Paths Officer:  Cllr Anne Scarsbrook and Jeff White

Tree Warden:  Jill Upton


Parish Volunteers:

Parish Clock Winding: Chris and Gillian Lowder, Hugh Forseyth

War Memorial Grass Cutting: Ian Cartwright

Defibrillator Checks: Bruce Herriot

Charities of Richard Hill & Others: Fred Beard, Di Cale, Sarah Herriot, Robert Ward and Mike Moseley


NB    CPC will updated the list as necessary


Parish Councillors Register of Interests

All members have to declare any personal or pecuniary interests. If an item is raised in which a member has such an interest then that member has to withdraw from the meeting and not take part in any discussion or vote.

A Register of Interests is maintained by Herefordshire Council and is available on its website.