Meet your Councillors

Cllr. Judith Aldridge – Leader of the Recreation Working Group and Churchyards Working Group

I have lived in Cradley for about eight years.
I taught full-time, firstly in schools, then in teacher-training and finally as a university lecturer and was a Chair of School Governors for many years.
My major interests are singing and gardening; I also enjoy time with my family, who all live locally.

Cllr. Janita Goodwin – Member of the Recreation Working Group, Churchyards Working Group and Environment Working Group

I grew up in the south of England and trained as a teacher in the 1960’s at Worcester College.
I ran a successful curtain making business for 30 years for shops and interior designers.
I have recently completed 10 years as a volunteer gardener for the National Trust.

Cllr. Wynne Harries – Member of the Planning Working Group, Finance Working Group, Employment Working Group, Communications Working Group

I have lived in Cradley since retiring from full-time work in 2007.  My wife and I are both trained musicians and teachers; I play the oboe and piano and have also taken on the church organ in the last few years; do lots of singing too.  Have been a class music and instrumental teacher and run county music services.  My father was a parish councillor and my grandfather was a county councillor, so maybe something is in the blood!

Cllr. David Kingston – Council Vice-Chairman, Leader of the Communications Working Group

A Chartered Engineer and Chief Executive.  Worked in The UK, USA, Middle East and Europe.
Since retiring, lived in a small village in France becoming involved in local matters.
Moved to the beautiful village of Cradley in 2016.
Married to June with our daughters and five lovely grand children living nearby.

Cllr. Diane Merker – Member of the Employment Working Group, Recreation Working Group, Churchyards Working Group and Environment Working Group. Lengthsman co-ordinator

I have lived in Cradley for some 10 years now with my family. I have 3 children the youngest who attended Cradley school is now doing A levels. I have been a volunteer for Guide Dogs for over 25 years and have raised over 125 ‘guides’. I am a storyteller for the Open the Book Group reading Bible stories at Cradley School.

Cllr. Terry Robshaw – Member of the Finance Working Group, Planning Working Group, Communications Working Group and representative for Cradley Village Hall

A Chartered Accountant living in Cradley for 34 years I have been involved with many local organisations including Friends of Cradley School; Royal British Legion and Cradley Village Hall. I served the Parish Council as Internal Auditor from 2004 until 2018 and was elected to the Parish Council in August 2018.

Cllr. Anne Scarsbrook – Council Chairman, Leader of the Employment Working Group, Leader of the Finance Working Group, Leader of the NDP Monitoring . Member of the Environment Working Group and the Communications Working Group, footpaths officer

Retired teacher, Head Teacher and Manager of educational services for children with special educational needs. Since retirement, involved in various voluntary activities, including work producing our Local Plan and as Footpath Officer. I also enjoy exploring within the UK and worldwide – usually involving hiking and/ or Scuba diving.

Cllr. Sarah Thomas – Leader of the Environment Working Group, Leader of the Planning Working Group, member of the NDP Monitoring Group, representative for Storridge Village Hall

I’ve lived, with my husband Paul, at Batchcombe, Storridge for just over three years having relocated and downsized from North Devon to help with his work commitments after our children finally flew the nest. Our day to day family now consists of two labradors and two disabled hedgehogs that live in our garden.

I work part time with children who have a learning disability, am a Trustee and volunteer for the local Riding for the Disabled group and I’m passionate about protecting our wildlife and environment for future generations to enjoy.

Kate Joiner – Clerk to Cradley and Storridge Parish Council

In addition to being a parish clerk, I also provide support to school governors across numerous sites and work with young people in various setting. Prior to this I worked for the prison service for most of my career.
I live in St John’s Worcester with my husband and our two daughters.