Council Business

Councillors are summoned to attend an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 10th July 2018 at 7pm in Cradley Village Hall


1. To receive apologies for absence.

2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
3. To approve the minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting on 28th June 2018.

4. Open session:

4.1 To receive a report from the Ward Councillor.
4.2 To receive representations from the Public, first on planning issues, and then on any other issues.

5. Planning Matters:

5.1 To comment on Planning Applications for determination by Herefordshire Council:
5.1.1 182215 – The Cart Barn, Halesend, Storridge. New fence and drainage work. Full householder (retrospective).
5.1.2 182216 – The Cart Barn, Halesend, Storridge. New fence and drainage work. Listed Building Consent (retrospective).
5.1.3 182199 – 7 Kings Orchard, Cradley. Remove existing conservatory and build on existing footprint an orangery.
5.1.4 182225 – Wells Farm, Tanhouse Lane, Cradley. Change of use of former poultry house from business use to a large luxury holiday lodge.
5.1.5 182437 – High Crest, Cradley. Remove large pine tree and replace with a smaller pine tree. Remove hedge of Leylandii (6 trees) and replace with a fence and small plants.
5.1.6 182060/PA7 – Ivydene, Stifford’s Bridge. Application for prior notification of proposed agricultural building. No documents on Herefordshire website, and “We are not accepting comments for this application”.
5.2 To note decisions made by Herefordshire Council on Planning Applications:
5.2.1 171658 – Land at Russet House, Cradley. Site for erection of a dwelling. Withdrawn.
5.2.2 173290 – Land to North of Chapel Lane, Cradley. 3 new dwelling houses. Decision: “non-determination”.
5.2.3 181003 – Southrise, 4 Brookside, Cradley. Replacement of rear extension. (conservatory type) with new rear and side extension. Approved.
5.2.4 181742 – Little Halesend, Storridge. Non-material amendment N121493/FH (Summerhouse) increase internal depth by 550mm. Approved.
5.2.5 181459 – Crumpton Hill Farmshop, Storridge. Convert ¼ of existing shop floor space into a tea/coffee shop. Approved.

6. To adopt the 2018 NALC Model Standing Orders appropriately amended (as circulated before this meeting to councillors) and retain the Cradley Parish Council Co-option Procedures (as previously approved) as an addendum to these.

7. Finance:

7.1 To receive an update on the AGAR audit submission, and Annual Governance Statement. GF
7.2 To receive a report from the Finance Working Group. GF
7.3 To receive quarterly monitoring update on 18/19 financial year. WH
7.4 To receive monthly update on detailed 18/19 accounts. WH
7.5 To approve the following invoices for payment:
7.5.1 Storridge Village Hall, Hire charge (22.5.18) £17.50
7.5.2 Eyelid Productions Website management June 18 £30.00
7.5.3 Wynne Harries expenses
(stamps, copier paper, various filing materials) £33.49
7.5.4 Really Rural (Lengthsman, R. Clarke) May/June £140.00

8. To receive reports from Working Groups:

8.1 Village Infrastructure Working Group.
8.1.1 To consider VIWG reverting back to its original working groups. GF
8.1.2 To receive monthly report. DM
8.1.3 To approve July tasks for the Lengthsman. DM
8.1.4 To approve the Lengthsman’s Lone Worker Policy. DM
8.1.5 To receive update on previously and conditionally approved Crumpton Hill Village Green Policy. GF

9. To receive a report from the interview panel for the post of Clerk/RFO for Cradley Parish Council.

9.1 To confirm appointment of a new Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer, if appropriate.
9.2 To confirm transitional arrangements for new Clerk/RFO, if appropriate.

10. To consider whether to require HALC to provide written replies to all Cradley PC written requests for professional advice.

11. To consider whether to include a Highways Co-ordinator in the Council’s list of working groups and appointments (potential updated guidance document circulated recently).

12. To receive Information Sheet.

13. To note key items for CMS Newsletter.

14. To receive requests for items for future agendas.

15. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 14th August 2018 7pm at Cradley Village Hall

A resolution will be passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item:

16. Confidential Items:
16.1 To consider legal advice regarding ex-internal auditor.

Wynne Harries, Vice-Chair / acting Joint Clerk