Council Business

Councillors are summoned to attend an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 14th August 2018 at 7pm in Cradley Village Hall


1. To receive apologies for absence.
1.1 To note the resignation of Councillor Miles Meager.
1.2 To note the fact that an election for the above vacancy has been requested by 10 or more voters, and that, similarly, an election has been requested for the Bruce Herriot vacancy.
1.3 To approve the issue of poll cards for any contested election for the 2 councillor vacancies at approximately £1 per elector.
1.4 To note the appointment of Kate Woods as Clerk for 12 hours a week and on Point 24 of the pay scale as agreed on 10.7.18 – Proper Officer/Responsible Finance Officer as from 23rd July, and note apology for approved absence.

2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.

3. To approve the following minutes:
3.1 To approve minutes of the Ordinary Meeting on 10th July 2018
3.2 To approve minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting on 27th July 2018

4. To receive a report from the Ward Councillor.

5. Open session:
5.1 To receive representations from the Public, first on planning issues, and then on any other issues.

6. Planning Matters:
6.1 To comment on Planning Applications for determination by Herefordshire Council:
6.1.1 181278/ENF – Land at Crumpton Hill Road. Enforcement Appeal re removal of lorry.
6.1.2 182375/F – Hopehouse Farm, Cradley. Proposed extension to agricultural building.
6.1.3 181495 – Woods End Barn, Halesend, Storridge. Proposed various restorative works to include new oil heating system, new bathroom, relocation of ground floor toilet, dividing walls to create open plan space and replacement stairs.
6.1.4 182681 – The Elms, Rectory Lane, Cradley. Propose to fell 2 leylandii trees causing excessive shading. Replace with beech hedgerow to boundary to match existing.

6.2 To note decisions made by Herefordshire Council on Planning Applications:
6.2.1 180816 – Storridge Farm, Birchwood Lane, Storridge. Proposed forestry storage building and access track (part retrospective). Storage building Withdrawn; access track Approved.
6.2.2 174057 – Land off Pixiefields. Proposed Residential Development. Outline Planning Permission Granted with several conditions.
6.2.3 181759 – Land at Grittlesend. Proposed erection of stables (change of use) and hay barn/feed shelter and retrospective planning approval for existing track. Approved with conditions, including not to be used for any commercial equestrian enterprise and steel containers to be removed within 6 months.

7. To note the settlement of the legal dispute between Mr T Robshaw, Ex-Internal Auditor, and Cradley Parish Council, and to read an agreed public statement, to be minuted in full.

8. Finance:
8.1 To receive monthly update on state of Cradley PC accounts. WH
8.2 To consider approving funds to cover the cost of plaque (£94.98) and wine refreshments (£23) at the presentation on 22nd July 2018 to Fred Beard to mark his 50+ years on the Parish Council.
8.3 To approve the following invoices for payment:
8.3.1 Clerk salary and HMRC as per contract
8.3.2 Really Rural (Lengthsman R Clarke) July 18 £970.00
8.3.3 Eyelid Productions Website management July 18 £30.00
8.3.4 Eyelid Productions (Clerk website training) £60.00
8.3.5 Storridge Village Hall (4 and 28 June) £35.00
8.3.6 Storridge Village Hall (19 June, 2+5 July) £63.00
8.3.7 Kidwells Solicitors £1,005.00
8.3.8 F White, annual play equipment inspection £113.20
8.4 To consider appointment process for Internal Auditor.

9. Contracts
9.1 Lengthsman – to receive a report on the Lengthsman’s work since 10th July, and consider future works for approval by Council. DM
9.2 To receive a report on the contractual arrangements around the work of the Lengthsman. DR
9.3 To receive an update on the Pricepoint Grass Cutting contract. GF

10. To Review Working Groups in the light of resignations, and the decision in principle to disband the Village Infrastructure Working Group.
10.1 To resolve to suspend Standing Order 7.a. in order to revisit part of the working group structure, previously agreed at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.
10.2 Recreation WG – membership, leadership and terms of reference.
10.3 Environment WG – membership, leadership and terms of reference.
10.4 Graveyards WG – membership, leadership and terms of reference.
10.5 Footpath/P3 WG – membership, leadership and terms of reference.
10.6 To confirm Cllr. Geoff Fielding as a member and leader of Finance + Employment WGs
10.6.1 To appoint at least one more member to Employment WG
10.7 Communications WG – to note resignation of Cllr Geoff Fielding.
10.8 General Data Protection Regulations WG – one+ vacancy
10.9 HALC East Herefordshire Area Committee – PC Representative – vacancy

11. To consider whether to include a Highways Co-ordinator in the Council’s list of working groups and appointments (potential updated guidance document circulated). GF

12. To discuss parish councillors’ involvement in the Cradley Enquirer. AE + GE

13. To consider an invitation to take part in a Community Day at Cradley Village Hall and Cradley Church on 22nd September 11am-3pm.

14. To consider a Cradley Community Watch – DR.

15. To consider the content and style of the monthly reports of Cradley Parish Council meetings in the CMS Newsletter – AC.

16. Update on Butcher’s Lane one-way traffic problems and CPC response – GF + WH.

17. Update on Data Protection process (GDPR) – WH.

18. To receive Information Sheet.

19. To note key items for CMS Newsletter.

20. To receive requests for items for future agendas.

21. To note the date of the next meeting: Tuesday 11th September 2018 7pm at Cradley Village Hall.

A resolution will be passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item:

22. Confidential Items:
22.1 To approve the confidential minutes of 10th July meeting.

K. Woods, Clerk to Cradley Parish Council Dated: 7th August 2018