Action Planning for Cradley & Storridge PC

The Council currently faces a number of issues, in addition to ‘business as usual’ and agendas are becoming unmanageable, so that meetings are less productive and significant issues do not receive the discussion they deserve.

Recent meetings have attempted to cover both routine and strategic matters, but some well intentioned actions have proved problematic. For example, we recognise that Standing Orders require modification, and some initial work has been done to address this – but for various reasons has not yet reached an outcome. In the meantime, we have resolved to operate with working groups rather than committees, but set these up without terms of reference or clarity of remit. At our recent meeting we then began to reconsider the issue of committees. No organisation can continue to operate like this – we need to break the cycle.


The Council appoints a small Action Planning group who will:-

  • Identify what we need to achieve in the next 6 months, in the various areas of work (eg Governance; Employment; Finance; On-going business)
  • Identify and place in order the tasks to be undertaken in each area.
  • Establish a timescale for completing each task, based on preparation for PC meetings.
  • Establish who can be assigned to each task.

The Action Plan would be presented to the April meeting for discussion, amendment if required, and – hopefully – approval.
Delivery of this Action Plan, with appropriate planned agenda items at relevant PC meetings, should be the priority for the PC for the next 6 months. By September, we would expect to have an informed, well-organised Council with relevant policies and practices in place, working together to serve our community.